When Marina Shifrin released a video on YouTube of her quitting her job at a video production company through the medium of interpretive dance, little could she have realised what an internet sensation she'd become. To date, her video has had 10.8 million views.

Now the company she left because of a row over content versus exposure has responded with a parody of her original piece. Taiwan-based Next Media Animation has filmed its employees doing a similar interpretive dance to Kayne West's Gone, but extolling the benefits of working for the company and ending with a recruitment message. It's basically looking for a replacement for Shifrin.

The only problem is it might have backfired. It's so far received over two million views, but many of the comments underneath are far from complimentary.

"Funny how a video goes viral about quality versus views in content creation and the company that apparently values quantity over quality puts out a copycat response to a creative and amusing piece of content made by an under-appreciated talented asset that got away. Good luck NMA, you're going to need it," posted Ultimate K/D.

"Marina was right, you have no f*** idea about content," wrote Tania Moreno.

However, our favourite comes from LockSteady: "They were dancing like someone was holding a gun to their heads and shouting: DANCE MONKEYS! DANCE!"

The original is far, far better...