It appears not everybody is excited about YouTube's offline viewing feature.

Variety has reported that Vevo plans to block offline viewing for its content. YouTube's upcoming feature will enable viewers to save videos to their mobile devices for up to 48 hours. It's an ideal function for viewers who want to watch YouTube videos but don't always have connectivity. That said, there is a loophole: users cannot save all YouTube videos to their devices for offline access.

YouTube has allowed the feature to be enabled by default for partners. So, if a partner doesn't want their content downloaded for 48 hours, they can disable the feature for their channel or content. Pocket-lint previously suspected that record companies and Vevo would opt-out of the functionality for music videos.

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Variety reported that YouTube had offered many partners the chance to opt out of the program, and that Vevo was the first major content provider to go ahead and say, 'No thanks'. Vevo has not commented on why it chose to block offline viewing, but many reports have assumed it involves concerns over piracy and copyrighted content.