Virgin Mobile USA has adopted a unique form of advertising called BlinkWashing. It has created 25 different YouTube adverts which you can skip through by simply blinking in front of a webcam as you watch.

Its YouTube channel has a BlinkWashing section which will first need to calibrate with your webcam. You need to be in a well-lit room and it will ask you to blink a couple of times before the main video starts.

Once calibrated, you are faced with quick viral adverts for the American network operator and the technology allows you to quickly zip to the next one without having to touch a single key or button.

Virgin Mobile claims that the technology has never been used before. And, to be honest, we think it needs a bit of refinement before it's used for other reasons - we could only get it to work about 60 per cent of the time - but we like the idea that someone's trying something new.

You'll have to head on over to the Virgin Media USA YouTube channel to try it out for yourself.