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(Pocket-lint) - Let's take a quick break from Apple, Google, Microsoft and all other tech-related stories to talk about something else for a moment...Man of Steel 2.

Production won't begin on the sequel until 2014, with a release schedule set for July 2015, but with British heartthrob Henry Cavill returning as Superman, and Ben Affleck cast as Batman, and Bryan Cranston rumoured to play Lex Luthor, fans everywhere are just about dying of anticipation.

Enter solyentbrak1. He spliced footage from Man of Steel, Daredevil, Breaking Bad, Elysium, Iron Man 2, The Dark Knight and other blockbusters to create a self-edited fan trailer of the upcoming film. It's an enticing video, and it's whetting the appetite of comic book geeks everywhere - including the haters.

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When news first emerged last week about Affleck playing Batman, Twitter exploded in a frenzy. A quick scroll through the thousands of tweets made it seem Affleck was responsible for murdering a litter of kittens. But, no, he was just going to play a DC Comic superhero. Fans of the franchise became enraged, and cyber arguments continue to explode across the internet.

All the disappointment was somewhat alleviated when newer reports claimed Cranston, the actor who plays tough-as-nails Walter White in AMC's hugely popular Breaking Bad, would take on the role of Lex Luthor, the supervillan and archenemy of Batman.

And now, this new fan trailer might be the final step toward peace for Superman devotees. After all, it does make Man of Steel 2 look rather good...even if it's just Affleck's butt chin pasted between clips of a muscly Cavill kissing Amy Adams and a determined Cranston shaving his head before cooking a batch of meth.

Check it out below. 

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 27 August 2013.