YouTube has expanded its Live streaming functionality even further, to take on services like Ustream.TV (which is about to get a big PlayStation boost) and Moving past partners and selected gamers, YouTube says the Live service will be coming to users with  more than 1,000 subscribers.

Announced in 2011, YouTube's Live streaming feature has been used to broadcast sport events, game tournaments, political events and even concerts to the masses. However, you needed a special agreement with YouTube or be selected in the partner program to have access to the feature. With the "one thousand plus subscriber" category now added, live streaming on YouTube should get a big boost.

All channels that have met the subscriber requirement and are in good standing can sign-up on the Account Features page. YouTube says in the subsequent weeks it will make the functionality go live. You'll have the ability to transcode high-quality video to the masses, show multiple camera angles, add closed captions, and insert ads. 

Viewers, of course, are able to watch YouTube Live streams from any connected device. If you're an iOS user, it's worth noting YouTube just added the ability to view Live streams within its iOS app.