The folks in Mountain View have pushed out an update to their YouTube for iOS application, most notably adding live video streaming right to devices. 

YouTube's live video functionality has taken off in recent months, most notably during the United States election last autumn. Many networks streamed the debates between candidates, resulting in hoards of viewers descending on the video hub for their political fix through desktop computers or the mobile web.

Thanks to the YouTube version 1.3 update, users now have quick access to the live streams via mobile. Live streams aren't only used for politics, but concerts, live celebrity shows, and more. Given the amount of people that watch videos from their phone, the live stream addition make sense.

The YouTube update also adds the ability to queue up videos to play on TV, through Google's AirPlay-like "send to TV" feature announced in February. Users can quickly pair their iOS device with Google TVs or manually pair with the Xbox 360 and PS3, for easy playback. With the update, users can now keep the videos organised.

The version 1.3 update is now available on the App Store.

Image: SF Weekly