YouTube has announced a new API for game developers that will allow them to add live video streaming capabilities to their video games. The announcement came at the Game Developers Conference and is a new way for YouTube to push its live streaming features further.

In autumn 2012 YouTube partnered with Call of Duty: Black Ops II to allow gamers to stream game play, audio commentary, and webcam footage live to YouTube. According to YouTube, the streaming feature has lead to "millions and millions of views". The new API out of the company aims to encourage other game developers to adopt similar.

YouTube hopes to extend the functionality to consoles and even mobile games. Google will take the burden off game developers by doing all the video encoding on its servers, going from 240p content all the way to 1080p. Sounds like it will be pretty simple for game developers to integrate.

Even with our excitement gunning, YouTube hasn't detailed availability yet. At its PlayStation 4 announcement in February, Sony announced a live-streaming partnership with, so we'd imagine it would stay away from what YouTube is offering for now. 

The live game streaming will tie into YouTube's live-streaming service launched in 2011 and dubbed YouTube Live. It's used by several YouTube partners and popular accounts to chat with fans, host conference calls, and some companies even use it to introduce new products.

Game streaming could really make YouTube Live take off. More details as we get them.