Having completed a successful trial period with some YouTube members, the video site has opened its redesigned One Channel page layout for all to adopt.

One Channel adds several new features to a subscription channel on YouTube. Now you can have a picture bar across the top of the page so that visitors can instantly see who's channel they are on. Also, you can choose to embed a trailer that only non-subscribers can see, so that it entices them to join in without forcing your existing following to watch it over and over again.

The channel art - the strap at the top - will scale and be shown across all YouTube-enabled devices. And you now have the option of splitting your video content into different "shelves", appearing under the headings that you want. You can also curate other people's content into these shelf bars.

It's easy to switch to the new design now. All you need to do - once logged in - is check out the features on YouTube's specific One Channel page and click the button at the very bottom.

A number of channels have already switched over, including MysteryGuitarMan, realannoyingorange and the official channel for footy team Real Madrid.

What do you think of the new design? More professional? Friendlier? Let us know in the comments below...