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(Pocket-lint) - Billboard's US pop charts are to include YouTube views as part of its algorithm to decided on the Hot 100 singles releases. Having incorporated Spotify plays at the beginning of 2012, it has now decided to stretch out to add the video-streaming site in an attempt to remain fresh.

That means that to perform well in the charts, a single in the US must do well at point of sale - both physically and online via services like iTunes - on radio, on Spotify and now on YouTube too.

The first beneficiary of the new data inclusion is Harlem Shake, the hip-hop track that has provoked a rapidly growing internet viral, which will enter the charts in the No 1 spot this week.

Like Gangnam Style before it, Harlem Shake by Baauer was released relatively unnoticed long before it gained traction online. This is due to fans uploading videos of themselves doing "the Harlem Shake" dance - basically wobbling about in a nonsensical fashion.

Even current Premier League football champions Manchester City have got in on the act, sending Pocket-lint a video of themselves doing the shake. And it includes England internationals Joe Hart and James Milner among the players taking part.

It is not known how much sway YouTube views will have - after all, too much and you could end up having a Gangnam Style or Harlem Shake at number one forever - but at least Billboard is trying to modernise its system. For good or bad.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.