Freesat boxes will be getting a welcome boost of functionality in the form of YouTube connectivity. Google has finalised a deal to bring the hugely popular online video service to Freesat boxes.

Freesat boxes already sold will be able to access the YouTube content via the main EPG by the end of March.

The chances are that YouTube will simply join iPlayer and ITV in the on-demand area of Freesat, although it may be implemented in a very different way - until details are announced, who know? It could even be a YouTube created TV channel.

You will likely need an internet connection to get YouTube access, as you would expect, and a compatible Freesat box. 

Freesat recently launched Free time, its highly functional catch-up system which is intended to bring Freesat in line with more modern TV services. The YouTube deal will likely form a big part of how Free time works.

Freesat went on sale in 2008 and has since managed to generate 3 million in sales. The boxes support catch-up content from Channel 4, the BBC, ITV and Demand 5. Freesat's main competitor is YouView, the free to watch catch-up TV service launched last year.