It's been the subject of a website officially dedicated to predicting the moment that Psy's Gangnam Style would break the one billion views barrier, and now the original video has officially done it, actually going way over the required number in the space of one YouTube refresh.

As well as having hit 1,000,382,639 views at the time of writing, the landmark figure was celebrated with a little animated dancing Psy appearing next to the count. We're sure that won't be the only way YouTube will celebrate the achievement, but it's all that's appeared so far.

psy s gangnam style officially breaks 1 billion views on youtube image 2

Of course, Psy himself will probably be celebrating by building his own throne in gold bricks or something. We can only guess that he's made a pretty penny on Google Adsense, but it'd be a safe bet.

Psy was also one of those celebrated on the YouTube Rewind 2012 video, which featured a modified version of his most famous hit. Although we must admit, we're getting a little tired of it now. He shouldn't rest on his laurels mind, and get a follow up out there as soon as possible (yes, we know he's got other songs, but frankly, they all sound the same).

We've got two words for Mr Psy otherwise: Black Lace. We need say no more...