South Korea's break-out sensation Psy stars in YouTube Rewind 2012, a mash-up video made by YouTube to celebrate the most popular videos of the year. Most of those that appeared in the top ten or so vids appear in a reworked version of Psy's Gangnam Style, so if you're totally fed up of that particular audio worm already, turn off now.

Still with us? Good.

Psy's own video tops the global list of vids and is the most-watched clip on YouTube ever. It has amassed almost a mind-boggling one billion views and is still gathering them at a healthy rate.

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Also in the Rewind 2012 video are Canadian band Walk off the Earth, who hit second on this year's list with their 5 peeps 1 guitar cover version of Somebody That I Used to Know.

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Strangely, Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking skydive from space was beaten into tenth in the global trends chart. By all manner of strange tat. That's people for you.

Thankfully, his exploits were seventh on the UK & Ireland list, just behind One 1 Pound Fish man.

Heavens know why...