Global pop sensation Psy has broken a record with his, er, record Gangnam Style. Its music video is now officially YouTube's most-watched video of all time, beating previous efforts by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to take the coveted crown.

The video has now notched up more than 823.6 million views since it was uploaded to the site in July. And there seems no sign of the craze abating. There are also over 3.2 million comments underneath - not all of them positive, it must be said.

Gangnam Style recently won best video at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards, and has been number one in 28 countries since being discovered outside of South Korea.

Previously, Justin Bieber's 2010 hit Baby held the record for the most YouTube views.

The huge number of views for Psy's audio worm continues to show that YouTube is fast becoming the MTV of our time. Although we suspect that it'll take a while for this record to be beaten.