YouTube has now made it possible to blur people’s faces when you upload content to the video-sharing website.

The Face Blurring tool can be administered with one press of a button and makes the subject's face unidentifiable. The technology will appeal to those who want to post sensitive material, such as the protests in the Arab Spring, enabling them to spread their message without fear of ramifications.

Concerned parents can also use the tool to publish video footage of their children while keeping their identity anonymous.

YouTube has been working closely with human rights organisations in the run up to launching its Face Blurring tool as it looks at ways of protecting people's identities.

The setting is found within the Video Enhancements tool’s additional features menu and is a case of simply clicking “apply” rather than having to edit the faces yourself. 

Once you’ve blurred any faces in your video you can delete the original before posting your faceless vid as normal.

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