Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of dross on the likes of YouTube and Vimeo.

You can waste away hours watching someone see how many hats they can balance on their poor suffering cat, but after a couple of views you’re willing the cat to claw its owner's face off. 

Vimeo has celebrated the best it has to offer in terms of videos at its annual awards in New York City and it turns out we Brits are quite the amateur moviemakers. 

Out of the 13 categories, the UK swept up three awards in the Action Sports, Documentary and Fashion sections. 

All three are expertly shot and wouldn’t look out of place on the big screen. Our favourite is “Dark Side of the Lens” which falls under the Action Sports category and features some simply stunning surfing footage.

We urge you to find time to watch them and all three videos can be found below.

Which is your favourite of the three? We want to know.