Mad Men finally returns to our screens over the next few days, with Season 5 airing in the US on AMC Sunday, 25 March, and Sky Atalantic on Tuesday, 27 March (and probably BitTorrent servers in the early hours of Monday, 26 March).

However, if you can't wait that long, interactive video developers The Fine Brothers have made an entirely new Mad Men adventure that you can play through on YouTube. And with 8-bit graphics, to boot.

The Mad Men Game is a choose-your-own adventure in the style of the classic books started in the 1970s by Edward Packard. But (apart from the astonishing graphics), it's been brought bang up to date, using video to tell the story. At the end of each of the clips, you will be given an option and a new path to follow. The chosen video will then play.

The Fine Brothers, Benny and Rafi, say there are more than 40 video segments in total and three separate endings. After the first chapter, you get to choose from Peggy, Pete or Betty and the rest of the plot pans out from there.

It is, quite simply, genius.

Unfortunately, mobile users won't be able to access the interactive elements of the game, you really do need to play it on a computer.

Let's hope the new TV series is as good as this.

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