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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has introduced a new share feature in OS X Mountain Lion that will allow users to share files and information much more quickly, thanks to something called Share Sheets.

The new feature, demoed in the latest operating system developer preview that launches on 16 February, will let users share directly from an app as well as photos, videos, links and documents.

Rather than just letting you share via email, Messages, or AirDrop, however, Apple has turned to three third-party services to give the new feature in Mountain Lion some real meat.

That means "baked in" support at an OS level for Twitter, Flickr, and Vimeo.

All three services will have single sign-on functionality in the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars pane of System Preferences.

Pocket-lintvimeo not youtube gets instant share option in mountain lion image 2

Most interesting of the three is the inclusion of Vimeo over YouTube, a choice that is bound to give the professional video-sharing site a boost in awareness and audience numbers, but also leave users wondering why no Google support from day one?

When asked why there was no YouTube support at the moment in the developer preview, Apple told Pocket-lint: "We have Vimeo, and we don't have YouTube."

Straight to the point then? Could such a move open an even greater rift between Apple and Google or is it merely the case that Apple prefers the more "quality focused" video sharing service?

"We’re honoured to be included in OS X Mountain Lion and excited to see Apple bring even more magic from the iPad, to the Mac. Apple is a wonderful partner and we’ve seen great success with our Apple TV integration. With our new redesign and registered user growth of nearly 80% in the past year, we are committed to meeting the high expectations of Apple's users," Vimeo's CEO Dae Mellencamp told Pocket-lint when we asked her what she thought of the new partnership.

It is worth noting that Mountain Lion is not expected to be released until the summer, giving Google a couple of months to convince Apple to support Google's services in the new Share Sheets and open up sharing options with services like YouTube and Google+. However for the time being Apple's stance is that third-party developers can only add their own destination to the Share menu, in their own app, not others.

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Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.