Sunday 5 February is a massive day the football calendar. Chelsea and United are set to square off at the Bridge and Lowestoft Town travel to Cray Wanderers for a big match in the Isthmian Premier. Yes indeedy, we're set for a day of sporting brilliance.

So, chances are, you'll be knackered by the time Super Bowl XLVI kicks off at 11.25pm UK time. And, given that American football games last for about 17 hours, there's no chance you'll stay awake until the end. But it's all about the half time entertainment and the adverts anyway - no-one really cares about the game, do they?

So it's a good job that YouTube will be hosting all the big Super Bowl commercials in one place, teaming up with NBC Sports for what it is calling the YouTube Ad Blitz Channel - a place that puts "all the commercials in your hands, letting you view and vote on the top ads of the Super Bowl, whether you’re on a computer, mobile phone or tablet."

Troy Ewanchyna, VP of business development and digital strategies at NBC Sports Group, said: "YouTube’s Ad Blitz is the perfect platform for us to extend our online promotion for our coverage of Super Bowl XLVI. The post-game Ad Blitz and the next-day Google+ Hangout allow us to extend our coverage and continue to serve viewers even when the game has concluded."

Of course there's a Hangout. It wouldn't be Google without a nod in the direction of it's social network.

Advert hosting and voting begins after the final whistle and will continue until midnight New York time on 13 February.