An innocent and cute video of 3-year-old Harry and his 1-year-old brother Charlie, that was posted on YouTube 4 years ago, has netted their parents a staggering £100,000 through the video site's payment scheme, AdSense.

The 1-minute clip, which shows baby Charlie biting his brother's finger (which is funnier than it sounds), has been viewed (at the time of writing) a mind-blowing 386,823,245 times since 22 May 2007, and has turned the brothers into internet celebrities.

Speaking to UK newspaper The Sun, the boy's dad Howard Davies-Carr said that, as well as family holidays and a garden-based "castle" for the boys and their younger brother Jasper to play on, the money is to be spent on their education: "We would have struggled to put all three boys through private education but with the YouTube money we decided to commit to all, and it was always going to be all or none."

The boys who are, obviously, older now, also have a Twitter account and blog these days.

What's the betting we'll see one or both of them on I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here in the future? Subtitle: "A snake bit my finger"?

They're certainly better known than Crissy Rock...