Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is set to launch in less than 24 hours and to celebrate Activision has decided to throw one hell of a party. Naturally not every COD fan will be able to make it along, there just isn't a building big enough, thankfully, however, Activision is planning on live streaming the entire event on YouTube

Things are set to kick off at 7pm where guests (including Pocket-lint) will be arriving on the "green carpet". Activision has pulled in three dedicated crews to film the whole event who will be roaming about all the excitement. TV presenter Rick Edwards, YouTube famous DaveyBoyz and Xbox Live @AceyBongos Graeme Boyd will all be on hand to keep coverage exciting.

Musician Example will be blasting tunes out at the event so expect footage of him. Those more bothered about playing the game than mingling with celebrity b-listers will also get their moment of fame as crews will be interviewing those queuing for the midnight launch.

Gamers will also be treated to live coverage of the pan-European COD multiplayer tournament and words with Team Infinity, one of the runners up in the CODXP tournament we covered earlier in the year.  

So where to watch things? Well there are two ways, either from YouTube or over at the Xbox UK Facebook page. 

Excited about the COD launch? Obviam...but we want to know how much? Let us know in the comments below...