What's the deal with Google and pandas? Do Larry and Sergy have a secret fetish that we don't know about? First was Google Panda, the search engine's algorithm revamp, and now YouTube has undergone a massive overhaul in a project titled Cosmic Panda.

Cosmic Panda has flown out of the TestTube labs and into the wide world web - allowing YouTubers to experience the massively popular site in a completely new way.

It's not only a new way of looking at videos and playlists, there are also new tools for zazzing up your YouTube channel. And, using Chrome, you can also carry on watching videos whilst browsing the site.

Cosmic Panda can be turned on or off at anytime, so don't worry if you switch it on and you no-likey. The feeling is that Google isn't going gung-ho with the radical design anytime soon though, and could just be incorporating parts of it into revamped YouTube somewhere down the line.

"We’re eager to hear your feedback as it’s a great chance for us to incorporate your ideas into future designs for YouTube," read a post introducing Cosmic Panda on the YouTube blog.

"We'll be making changes to the experiment regularly, so check back to see if some of your suggestions have made it onto the site or to give us more feedback on the latest updates."

It's slick and we have to say we like it. It's like YouTube had sex with the iPlayer and had a baby.

Try it out for yourself at www.youtube.com/cosmicpanda.

Thumbs up or Thumbs down? Let us know what you think of the Cosmic Panda.