YouTube is celebrating its sixth birthday this month - and in honour of the special occasion it has shared a couple of, quite frankly, astronomical statistics from the most popular video sharing platform of all time.

Firstly, it has stated that more than 48 hours (two whole days worth) of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

Grabbing the Pocket-lint abacus out of the cupboard we make that 2,880 hours of video uploaded per hour, 69,120 hours of video uploaded per day.

So if you were to sit and watch a full day's worth of YouTube uploads, say goodbye to around 8 years of your life. Good grief.

This 48 hour per minute figure is a 100 per cent increase year on year, which is probably a result of the ease of uploading to the site increasing - a touch of a button is now all that it takes from most smartphones and modern compact cameras.

The second jaw-dropping stat from the birthday boy is that there are now more than 3 billion views a day - up 50 per cent year on year. Wowsers.

"The first six years of a person’s life are incredibly important for development," stated the YouTube team.

"The same could be said for a company. For the last six years we’ve grown and evolved in our quest to push video forward and deliver the best possible experience to you.

"From faster processing of uploads to longer video lengths to the launch of self-service live stream capabilities to partners, we’re constantly evolving to provide the best video sharing and viewing experience for you."

"You’ve made YouTube successful because it’s a reflection of you and your world. If this is what we’ve accomplished together in six years, we can only imagine where you’ll take us in the next six!"

Indeed. To more sneezing pandas hopefully.

Many happy returns to YouTube then - check out the Linters favourite YouTube clips right here.