YouTube’s support of 3D content continues to grow, with Nvidia’s stereoscopic 3D vision tech the latest hardware to be compatible with the service.

Until recently, viewers have been restricted to the red/green of anaglyph playback or, for those who could stomach it, the cross-eyed side by side mode. Finally, however, the world's favourite video sharing platform has put on its active shutter glasses and stepped into the now.

YouTube currently has over 6,000 3D videos. Quite how many of these will be compatible with the Nvidia tech from the off is unknown but we wouldn't think too many zeros. The service uses a combination of Firefox 4 and HTML5 to bring 3D content to your PC, which is rather specific for the moment, but whether or not this gets expanded to your browser of choice is another thing.

If you can't find what you're after on YouTube, Nvidia has kindly set up a dedicated site packed with 3D content called which has over 100 3D videos and 5,000 3D photos. In there you'll find plenty of nice shots of brightly coloured balloons and flowers as well as user uploads with everything from women in swimsuits to harvested dried flower buds of certain plants grown in people's basements. Seriously.

YouTube's stereoscopic content is live as we speak over on the site and ready to play with. If you've got the Nvidia 3D vision set up - graphics card, monitor, glasses - then you're in luck. If not, well, then there's some shopping to do.

Desperate to watch YouTube in 3D? Cross eyed not working for you? let us know...