Vimeo has launched a new "couch mode" for its users accessing the video site from a Google TV device, an internet ready TV, or just from their laptop on the couch (that's sofa to you and me).

The new feature, allows you to sign in, scroll through videos, set videos to be watched later, as well as providing a separate screen for more information - very much like your electronic programme guide probably already does.

Of course, this being designed for sofa watching, the playback controls are not only front and centre, but large and clear to see.

"Couch Mode is optimized for Google TV and will be available in the Spotlight section soon. Don't have a Google TV? No worries, Couch Mode will work on your desktop too. However, we use a lot of HTML5 and CSS3 technology for this (no Flash!), so at the moment it will only work on Chrome and Safari", says Vimeo.

The service follows hot on the heels of Google's launch of YouTube Leanback in the summer, a similar service that allows you to have a better visual experience of YouTube videos on your TV rather than your computer screen. 

Available now, just go to instead of the usual URL you are used to.

Couch Mode from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.