Poor old Flash.

It's endured a torrid time as of late. First up was Steve Jobs' vehement outburst via a (very) public letter. And then Google unleashed its WebM project. And all this as the video platform continues to come under severe pressure from the ever escalating threat of new web standards such as HTML 5.

And now DivX has put the foot in with its DivX HiQ beta for its web video player. DivX says:

"If you can choose your web browser or desktop media player, why can’t you choose your web video player? Now you have choice! DivX HiQ boosts web video playback quality and performance by switching to the DivX Plus Web Player on popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion".

Once you've installed the beta, you'll get an option to switch to the DivX HiQ version of a video underneath the default player.

divx hammers another nail into flash s coffin image 2

Pocket-lint was told by DivX's Porfirio Landeros that it "boasts better decoding and rendering thanks to
DXVA and other H.264 optimisations"

As well as the DivX HiQ option, the latest beta of DivX's Web Player offers new format support for MP4 and MOV files, HTML 5 tag support and DXVA hardware acceleration.

The beta works with the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari and is available to download for free now.