For most of us 10 minutes is more than long enough when it comes to YouTube content, as there is only so much inane prattle and silly stunts that the fragile human mind can take - or maybe not - since YouTube has seen fit to extend the upload limit to 15 minutes.

The change has come about due to improvements in its Content ID system (basically a copyright protection tool). The management of this has been successful, with users now limited in their ability to upload extracts from movies and TV programmes, meaning YouTube can increase the limit.

The company states that "We will continue our strong commitment to provide advanced technology and tools to protect the rights of small and large copyright owners worldwide. We’ll also do everything we can to release incremental improvements like this one that benefit our video creators".

To celebrate the increased video upload time, YouTube is asking you to tag any 15-minute videos you upload with "yt15minutes". If this is done by Wednesday 4 August, you'll be in with a chance of featuring on the YouTube homepage.

How will you make use of the extra 5 minutes? Let us know in the comments below.