It's amazing the difference a good edit can make to a movie, but what if it changes the movie into another film entirely? Here are some great examples from YouTube of movies we found that probably didn't quiet turn out how the director first envisioned; turning horrors into comedies and comedies into horrors. Be scared, afraid, but ready to laugh at all the wrong bits for all the wrong reasons. 

Lion King - the horror

And you thought it was a fun movie for all the family. Gone are the cute sing-a-long moments, and in its place a sinister plot with killing, a brooding haunting soundtrack and the true tail of revenge you just know Disney wanted to make.  

Top Gun - the gay porn edition

Yep, we've all heard the Quentin Tarantino monologue from Sleep with Me, where Tarantino re-tells the plot of Top Gun as if Tom Cruise is secretly in love with Val Kilmer. Here, that storyline is put into a trailer, taking the film from a male, testosterone-filled guy movie to, well, a male, testosterone-filled guy movie. "You can be my wingman, no you can be mine".

Seinfeld - the thriller

Seinfeld is supposed to be a comedy isn't it, with laugher, jokes and a plot that, over the course of umpteen series, never actually goes anywhere. Not in this trailer it isn't, with the comedy show turning into a thriller good enough to give Fatal Attraction a run for its money. 

The Shining - the comedy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Not in this version it doesn't. A trailer soundtrack including Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill, The Shining is turned from spooky horror into a story about a son searching for his dad. 

Sorry to spoil it for you, but Leonardo Di Caprio dies at the end of Titanic, along with virtually all the rest of the cast. Not here. In a homage to AI and Demolition Man, it turns out Leo was just frozen at the bottom of the ocean waiting to be found and thawed-out. Trouble is, Leo isn't too happy about this and goes on the run. Suddenly a movie about a sinking ship becomes a chase against time with an all-star cast. 

Up - Gran Torino remix

What, you mean you don't remember Clint Eastwood in Up? That's right, he played Carl Fredricksen defending his patch against the gangs of his neighbourhood. Forget Kevin and the magical balloon ride to a new country, it's payback time.

Groundhog Day - the horror

Depending on whether you like Bill Murray will depend on whether you see Groundhog day as a comedy or horror already, but if there was any doubt in your mind this version will certainly confirm the horror element. Choice quotes and a slow piano soundtrack seals the deal. You will be scared, oh yes, you will be scared. 

Sleepless in Seattle - the horror

And you thought that Sleepless in Seattle was a rom-com starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Well seems you were wrong. In this recut horror version, Meg Ryan is the psycho stalker out to get Hanks and his little boy. It's enough to give you sleepless nights (see what we did there).

Mary Poppins - the horror

We don't know about you, but we've always found the idea of Mary Poppins a bit scary. Bring with it some dark magic, spinning heads, and that eerie Victorian background and you get Scary Mary. Luckily the makers of this trailer deemed Dick Van Dyke so scary they left him out all together.

Terminator - the rom-com

Heartbroken, Sarah Conor has to chose between man and love machine, in Terminator the love story. And yes, they've even managed to work a love scene in the trailer too.

Willy Wonka - New Jack City remix

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams". This version of the family classic sees Charlie trying to resist the wonder drug as Wonka does everything in his power to tempt him to become a user. It's the movie you know they probably wanted to make in the first place. 

The Matrix - the rom-com

And you thought that The Matrix was one of the seminal action movies from the last decade. Wrong. It's actually about a man's quest to find a women that he has only seen once - the lady in red. Gone are the kung fu movies, and in, a slushy-mushy soundtrack and a massive roll for Fiona Johnson who originally only appeared for all of about 3 seconds.  

A James Blunt-esque theme tune, the classic love story between a younger women and an older man, Hannibal Lecter isn't a crazed serial killer, but the man she is destined to marry. It will have you and Mrs Pocket-lint in tears by the end of it. 

Seven - the love story

Morgan Freeman plays art critic Will somerset, who's about to retire. Trouble is the new guy is hopeless. Gone is seven deadly sins, and in is falling in love complete with an Avril Lavigne soundtrack. 

Back to the Future - Brokeback Mountain re-mix

Like Top Gun, Back To The Future isn't about time travel, it's all about the love shared between two men that respect each other. Watch this trailer and you'll see that it's been staring you in the face all along.

2 Stuart 2 Little 

Juxtaposition of themes is usually what brings the best out of these recuts. On the one hand, a children's cartoon is the yin to the adrenalin ride, badass action flick yang of 2 Fast 2 Furious. On the other, they're both basically kids films anyway.

Ferris Buller's Day Off - Friday 13th re-mix

Gone is the fun teenage coming of age story, in is a story of a principle gone slash mad, on a killing spree out to get Ferris and his mates. Scary.

Office Space - the thriller

Milton becomes a deranged psychopath out to slowly bump off the rest of the team in this gaudy horror remake of the fun happy-go-lucky comedy.

Uncle Buck - The Shining re-mix



And you thought John Candy was just going to look after the kids and prepare them for life in the process. Queue scary music, scenes of John Candy wielding an axe and you've got a Shining remake on your hands.


Have you seen any recut trailers that you like and that we've missed? Let us know what they are in the comments below.