YouTube Leanback is the new TV-friendly version of the video sharing service, and is now ready for when Google launches its Google TV service later in the year.

The idea behind the service is that the new interface is considerably easier to use, so you can sit on your sofa, kick back and relax.

Trouble is though; you still need that clunky keyboard to control it all... until now.

In steps the Nintendo WiiMote, a piece of software, and someone's urge to use Leanback with a remote control rather than a keyboard. 

"If you have a Nintendo Wii remote and Bluetooth capability on your PC, built-in or via a dongle, then with the help of a free software program I created called WiiLeanback you can have a truly keyboard-free experience now", Robert Oschler, of Android Technologies got in touch to tell us.

As the video on YouTube shows, Oschler has managed to convince the WiiMote to act as a controller for Leanback.

Now here is the bad news; it's not publicly available as yet. The good news, though, is that Oschler tells us WiiLeanback will be available for download in a week or 2.

We will keep you posted.