YouTube has announced that it will now be supporting videos shot in 4K, for users, who have the neccessary equipment, to enjoy on the video sharing site.

The move means that YouTube now supports original video resolution from 360p, all the way up to 4096p.

If you've only vaguely heard of 4K, which incidentally is a resolution of 4096 x 3072, that's because Sony is currently rolling it out in cinemas across the UK and Europe with claims that it's the best resolution cinema experience you've ever seen.

To give you some perspective on the size of 4K, the ideal screen size for a 4K video is 25 feet; IMAX movies are projected through two 2k resolution projectors.

However, before you all rush to press the play button on the 4k playlist videos, or the movie above, it's worth noting that it will eat your bandwidth up considerably, is unlikely to play smoothly on your laptop, and chances are you won't notice the difference on your computer screen.

"Because 4K represents the highest quality of video available, there are a few limitations that you should be aware of", says Ramesh Sarukkai, YouTube Engineer in a blog post on the YouTube blog. "First off, video cameras that shoot in 4K aren’t cheap, and projectors that show videos in 4K are typically the size of a small refrigerator".

So why are YouTube bothering to support the new resolution size? YouTube Leanback.

Earlier this week, the video sharing site launched a new service aimed squarely at the living room called YouTube Leanback.

Leanback is a full screen, HD service, that is optimised for big screen TV viewing. Unlike the original YouTube site, you won't see text or comments - it's more like a YouTube TV channel.

If you've got a powerful enough system, let us know what you think of both the new Leanback service and of the 4K videos.