YouTube has added some pretty cool buttons to its movie player over time. The best of which is probably the 720p/1080p button that lets you watch certain clips in glorious HD. If we had to say what the worst one it's ever added though, it would surely be its most recent addition - the vuvuzela button.

The button, as you'd expect, adds that unique vuvuzela drone to any video of your choosing. It means that the irritating plastic horns are not just ruining the sound of every World Cup match played, they can now also ruin any clip you want. Great.

A more sensible approach to the menace that is the B-flat sound of the vuvuzela is the one from Elgato. It has released a special version of its EyeTV software that includes a vuvuzela filter, so you can dim the awful sound.

A much better idea, we're sure you all agree.