YouTube celebrates its fifth birthday this week. It's a service that has become embedded within the very fabric of modern culture and society and, in fact, it's hard to imagine a world without it. How did we manage to get through life without the occasional viewing of a dramatic gopher, a sneezing panda, or even a baby biting a toddler's finger?

To celebrate YouTube's big milestone each member of team Pocket-lint has revealed their favourite video. What did we go for? Was there room for Leeroy Jenkins? Was anyone a fan of Pinky the Cat? Or maybe someone thought the grape-crushing news reporter was the best that YouTube had to offer? Read on to find out:

Stuart Miles:

"Yes I admit I am a Star Wars fan, find Eddie Izzard funny and love Lego, but while a clip of just the comic doing the act as a stand up would be funny, seeing it re-enacted in Lego is surprisingly even better. I'm just glad we don't have a canteen at Pocket-lint. You'll need a tray!"

Chris Hall:

"Ashamedly I've always laughed at any sort of animated cat video. It was great to see the cats from's Joel Veitch burst onto the TV in the Crusha adverts. There is probably something intellectual to say about the cross over between the internet and TV, but it's really just all about the dancing cats for me."

Rik Henderson:

"With almost 2 million hits, Japanese Binocular Soccer is not exactly a cult hit. But, no matter how many times you watch it, it's still very funny. It's the perfect YouTube video... You don't need to know what people are saying to enjoy it".

Dan Sung:

"Because it's funny, it's clever, it's got an excellent touch of the surreal about it and it's some top notch beat boxing as well."

Ben Crompton:

"To choose a favourite YouTube video out of the gazillions uploaded is a pretty tall order, however I've gone for this simple how-to video. It not only appeals to the side of me that likes to make weapons out of house-hold items, but it also epitomises the useful 'I know how to do something and I'm willing to show you' aspect of the video sharing site".

Paul Lamkin:

"All I can say is bwaaaaaaaaaaaah! This makes me laugh more every time I see it. Like a fine wine it gets better with age. When the producer tells him and he gets flustered and says that there 'are some Mongolians in the system' it's a moment of pure comedy gold".

So that's what we think, but let us know what YouTube videos rock your world using the comments below.

Because it's funny, it's clever, it's got an excellent touch of the surreal about it and it's some top notch beat boxing as well.