YouTube has rolled out a selection of improvements to its video pages, aimed at decluttering the experience and making sure that there's fewer distractions while you're trying to watch that sneezing panda for the twelfth time.

There's a new player interface, with the HD option replaced by a 320p/480p selector - presumably to allow for the selection of 720p and 1080p content in the near future. The star ratings for videos have disappeared in favour of a pair of buttons marked with a heart and a thumbs-down icon, and the view count is big and bold.

The video description has been moved below the video, and the "Broadcast Yourself" motto on the logo has gone AWOL. Lastly, if you perform a search while a video is playing, the video shifts over to the left hand side while the results appear on the right - so you can find what you're going to watch next without having to stop watching your current selection.

The new changes are opt-in, for now. If opting-in right now is what you wanna do, you can activate the new interface by clicking this link. What do you think of the modifications? Useful and worthwhile or pointless redesign for its own sake? Share your thoughts in the comments.