YouTube is offering a tidy list of the five most-viewed YouTube videos from the last 12 months, giving us a snapshot of what it is we've all been watching online.

Unsurprisingly, SuBo tops the list at a staggering 83 million views ahead of the number two slot hitting the massive 120 million mark.

The nice folks at Britain's Got Talent have disallowed embedding of the vid, however, so to illustrate this story we've picked number five on the list - Evian Roller Babies - which you can see now by hitting play on the video above.

Although the Roller Babies effort, with over 27 million views, shows us how effective a viral advertising video can be, second and third on the list are user-generated content, staying true to the spirit of YouTube.

While the New Moon trailer was fourth, the heart-warming JK Wedding Entrance Dance saw over 33 million views during 2009 while David's trauma after his dentist trip captured and broadcast to the world so lovingly by his dad, racked up over 37 million views.

Meanwhile, the most viewed music video is from an artist called Pitbull with "I Know You Want Me" that saw 82 million people hit play, and if you're surprised it wasn't Jacko - well, maybe next year - as YouTube says "michael jackson thriller" was the fastest rising search term on the site.