A new connected television has been announced from British co Cello Electronics that offers access to the BBC's iPlayer catch-up, on-demand service built-in.

Needing no set-top box or games console, the iViewer TV connects to the Internet via Ethernet or an optional-extra Wi-Fi dongle and offers web-based content, that, as well as the iPlayer, includes the likes of YouTube too.  

The TV also works as a media hub connecting to a PC for media streaming as well as offering IPTV programming from Disney Movies Preview, Movie Rush, Autocar Magazine, Sky Sports Boots and All, the CNN daily video podcast, Jamie's Ministry of Food, Delicious TV Veg, Revision 3 Diggnation and the Larry King video podcast.  

Available in 32-inch (1080p Full HD) and 26-inch models, the iViewer TV boasts Freeview, two HDMI sockets, what's said to be an easy-to-use user interface menu, and 7-day electronic programme guide.

Specs for the 32-incher include 16:9 display ratio, a contrast ratio of 3000:1, 450cdm2 brightness and Nicam stereo sound while both models come complete with a remote and a table stand.

The iViewer will be available from Marks & Spencer from mid-December priced at £399 for the 26-inch version and £499 for the 32-inch version. Cello warns demand is likely to outstrip supply, so don't leave getting one 'til the 24th...