YouTube has heeded the calls of those who complain that the video sharing site is beginning to get a little bloated. It's offering a beta "feather" edition of the site, that strips out almost everything but the video.

A few other features remain - comments are still there, for better or worse, as is the related videos, URL and embed functionality. You can also favourite or flag videos and subscribe to channels, but that's pretty much it. Everything else on the page is static.

The idea is that people with slower connections, or those who don't use the advanced functionality of the site, can get a much faster experience over the default interface. Unfortunately, though, any video being monetised by a content creator won't be eligible for feather.

You can sign up for the beta at, but be warned that during our testing we found that the site was going up and down. If you have any difficulty, go back to that page and turn it off.