Warner Home Video's dual format disks for high definition content, the Switzerland of the next-gen HD format war, has suffered further delays.

The Total HD solution, in theory a Blu-ray disk glued to an HD DVD disk, leading it to be wittily dubbed "Glu-ray" has been put back to the first quarter of 2008.

The Total HD titles were expected to hit the market in the third or fourth quarter of 2007.

While no exact reasons have been given for the delay, Steve Nickerson, Warner's senior VP of marketing management, was quoted as saying that the studio wants to launch the discs when there are ten to 20 titles available so that retailers can merchandise them together in a large section and they don't get lost among existing Blu-ray, HD DVD and standard DVD products.

Obviously the benefit of these multi-format disks is that they will be able to be played on both Blu-ray and HD DVD disk players, but criticisms have been levelled at the format by predicating it will confuse consumers and prove to be too expensive.

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