Virgin Media has scored a deal with Warner Bros to put hundreds of its popular TV shows on Virgin's new cable on demand service.

This means that over 500 episodes of top-rated US shows will be available to watch on demand on Virgin Central, the company's new TV on demand channel, which was also launched today.

Most interestingly of all, the deal includes provisions for high definition versions to be made available.

TV programmes now added to Virgin's TV on demand library include Nip/Tuck, Friends, The OC, West Wing, ER, and CSI, as well as Little Britain, Criminal Minds, and Alias.

The TV-o-D service means that customers will be able to access a menu that displays various episodes of the shows.

Just like a DVD or recorded show, the programmes can be paused and rewound.

Click the link below to see if you're eligible for coverage - 55% of the UK is covered, but there are ambitious plans to extend coverage over 97% within the next year.