is now offering premium-content videos from Warner Bros. Entertainment thanks to a new agreement between the two companies.

Users of the video site can now rent and buy over 200 films from the movie studios, including Syriana, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and The Matrix.

Videos that are purchases can be played on PCs, streamed to the TV, and loaded onto portable media players.

The deal appears to have come about because has been vigilant in protecting copyrighted material.

"Guba has been working directly with the Motion Picture Association and has instituted filtering and security measures to ensure the protection of copyrighted films and television content", said Darcy Antonellis, Executive Vice President, Distribution Technology and Operations, Warner Bros. Technical Operations.

Videos can be rented for 24-hours for $1.99, or bought for $9.99 to $19.99 depending on the release date, while TV shows are priced at $1.49 per episode.

The content only plays on devices operating with Windows Media player technology.