Warner Bros in the US has announced that its launching its first hybrid DVD HD-DVD title for customers in the US that want both standard and high definition copies of the same film on the one disc.

Those hoping its going to be a gun tooting, explosion packed action flick will be disappointed to hear however that it's romcom "Rumour has it" starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Aniston.

The move is similar to the first batch of films available when DVD first launched in the mid nineties.

At the time, movie studios opted to put both 4:3 and 16:9 screen formats on the discs giving customers who didn't have a widescreen television the ability to have a film that would still be formatted for square televisions.

It is thought that the decision to put both the standard and high definition versions on the same disc is to encourage people that buying this disc will mean they can play it around the house without the need to have a HD-DVD player in every room.