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(Pocket-lint) - Warner Bros announced last month that Wonder Woman 1984 will premiere on HBO Max the same day it premieres in select theatres, but some people weren't too excited about the news, given the streaming service has a max 1080p resolution. But that's about to change.

WarnerMedia has now announced that HBO Max will no longer top out at HD. It's finally adding support for Ultra HD streaming. In fact, Wonder Woman 1984 will be the first title on the service to be available in 4K when it releases later this month on 25 December 2020.

The film will also support Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and HDR10 - though you, of course, still need the right equipment to be able to tap into those standards. If you own an Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Amazon Fire TV Cube, Amazon Fire TV Edition 4K smart TV, Chromecast Ultra, "supported Android TV devices", or AT&T TV, you will be able to stream Wonder Woman 1984 in 4K.


Roku is not yet supported - but that's because you still can't watch HBO Max on that device platform. The two companies - Roku and WarnerMedia - have yet to strike a deal. And, while HBO Max is available on Xbox and PlayStation, 4K support is not yet coming to those consoles right away.

WarnerMedia said it plans to offer an additional 4K content in the future, and it plans to support additional devices throughout 2021. 


Writing by Maggie Tillman.
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