Virgin Media has announced plans to trial free "broadband schools" to help tackle the fact that apparently "Britain is baffled when it comes to broadband".

A study of 3000 internet users has apparently revealed people are both puzzled by broadband jargon and confused by issues such as security and speed.

Virgin Media claims the "schools" will be trialled in the cities with the least broadband knowledge, the top three of which are said to be Birmingham, Belfast and Leeds.

Sir Richard Branson commented: "As many of you may know I've never been terribly technical and I'm not at all ashamed to say that I'm probably a prime candidate for a Broadband School".

The following stats were revealed by the Virgin Media commissioned poll: 18% of internet users did not know what broadband is while 7% thought "Blu-ray" is a type of broadband.

40% did not know what ADSL broadband is or what an internet browser is with 45% left clueless about the term "dongle".