With rumours that it may soon be launching a broadband package offering speeds of 50Mbps still circulating, Virgin Media has come out on top in a recent survey on services.

According to broadband.co.uk, Virgin Media offered the fastest average broadband speeds last month, beating rival ISPs O2 and Be Broadband.

The survey found that Virgin offered average download speeds of 6.128Mbps, beating O2 and Be's 5.321Mbps.

But O2 and Be were faster for upload speeds at 0.807Mbps against Virgin's 0.459Mbps.

"The results show the fruits of Virgin's work to improve download speeds in recent months and we expect the results to improve further for Virgin as their 50Mbps service becomes more widely available over the coming months", said Edd Dawson of broadband.co.uk.

At the bottom end, however, languished Eclipse Internet with the lowest average download speeds at 1.892Mbps, followed by AOL with 2.009Mbps.