Virgin Media has won plaudits for the speeds it has offered its broadband customers, but is there more to come?

Way back in February, Virgin Media began the first part of a major broadband rehaul programme, offering customers on its "L" tier broadband package a free upgrade taking their broadband speeds from 4MB to 10MB.

In January, however, there were hints that speeds could go as high as 50Mbps following successful trials in Ashford, Folkstone and Dover.

Now, a new deal with Carphone Warehouse, could herald that this super fast service may soon be available.

Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse are going to jointly promote a Triple Play package (phone, broadband and TV) with a free laptop for £49.99 per month.

The package will also include XL phone, XL TV channels and a free laptop and will also require existing modems to be updated.

The details were leaked onto the internet and the XXL package is not currently on either Virgin's broadband or Carphone Warehouse's web pages.