Virgin Media has announced an increase in on-demand viewing, jumping from 34 million views in January to 45 million views in August on its TV platform.

Doing the maths for us, Virgin says this is an increase of 33% in less than a year and takes total views of on-demand content to 314 million over 8 months.

Half of Virgin Media's 3.5 million TV customers are watching on-demand regularly which the company says puts it ahead of the BBC iPlayer, content from which is available through Virgin.

"We are clearly on the precipice of some fundamental changes in the way people watch TV", said Neil Berkett, CEO of Virgin Media.

"The giant leaps we have taken, this year alone, show how popular on-demand viewing has become and as we continue to add compelling programming and develop innovative new ways of accessing it, we will certainly enter a new era of television."