In a scandal so familiar today, bank details for 3000 customers have been lost by a Virgin Media member of staff.

A CD containing the unencrypted information went missing when a Virgin Media employee took it from one office to another on 29 May.

This is apparently against the company's practices.

The member of staff is currently being "dealt with" according to a company spokesperson.

In the meantime, Virgin Media has notified the Information Commissioner's Office.

Affected customers are being told that Virgin Media will closely monitor their accounts for any fraudulent activity.

It is also offering affected customers 1 year of free credit card protection, including placement on a fraud watchlist.

"This is an isolated incident which has affected a small number of our customers. We have been working with the Information Commissioner's Office on this matter and we are in the process of contacting all of the affected customers to ensure we meet our responsibilities and fully support them through this process", says a statement released by the company.