From the 16 May Virgin Media customers (who may be feeling a bit hard done by of late, what with losing Sky channels from their service) will have a reason to celebrate.

Not only will "Casino Royale" premiere on Virgin Media's TV on demand service, but the entire 007 back catalogue, (that's over 40 hours of Bond, baddies and babes) will be available at the push of a button.

For the first time ever in the UK all 21 Bond films from 1962's "Dr No" through to Daniel Craig's most recent Bond outing in "Casino Royale" will be exclusively available to view anytime.

Priced at from £2.50 for a classic Bond title and £3.50 for "Casino Royale", this purchase will entitle you to a 24-hour download during which you can watch the film just like a DVD, by starting it when you like and pausing, fast forwarding or rewinding at will.

Exshellent, as Sean Connery might say…

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