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(Pocket-lint) - Virgin Media’s latest top-tier VVIP bundle basically offers everything the company can, with top-speed 500Mbps broadband and a completely unlimited mobile plan as part of the same bundle (yes, unlimited data, calls and texts).

The £99-a-month VVIP plan also includes unlimited landline calls and all the TV you can handle including Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD, BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD and the Kids Pick among the 300 channels also available as part of Virgin’s Full House bundle. You also get two V6 boxes.

Although the plan seems expensive, Virgin argues that the component parts are worth a lot more and we can see that many customers are probably paying more for the constituent parts – it’s just that it’s from different providers rather than a single payment. However, the plan does have a bit of a sting in the tail – the £99 cost is for the first 12 months after which it rises to a steep £139.

Virgin MediaVirgin Medias new top-tier bundle combines 500Mbps broadband mobile and TV in one image 2

For other customers, the company has also introduced extra TV channel packs (called Personal Picks) for other customers to build their own channel assortments. These are a bit like mini-bundles, enabling you to just pay for the topics you’re interested in.

You can add one Pick to your existing bundle for £10 per month with each subsequent Pick costing £7 per month. Picks can be changed every month.

Finally, Virgin has also announced Boosted bundles, enabling customers to add a mobile SIM (2GB, 5GB, 15GB, 50GB) to any broadband bundle.

The “boost” is because Virgin will also bump up the speed of your broadband as part of the deal (yes, this is a little complicated).

So, for example, you might get an increase from 50Mbps to 100Mbps. As part of this, these customers will also have the freedom to change mobile data allowances each month, although we’re not sure who would actually call up and do this.

Writing by Dan Grabham.