Virgin Media has added the Vevo music video streaming service to all TiVo boxes. That means subscribers to its TiVo television service can now access any of the 250,000 plus music videos available on the online platform.

The app also enables those with Vevo log-ins to access their playlists to run automatically on the service. It is ad-supported, so the occasional 15 second advert might intersect videos but that happens on all Vevo apps, no matter the hardware.

Playlists can also be created in browser via the Vevo website on a PC and will automatically be available on the TiVo box. Alternatively, the Vevo apps for mobile offer the same function.

Like Netflix, which is also available to access through the TiVo box, there is a dedicated channel in the Virgin Media EPG (at 344). If you press the red button on the remote while on that channel, the Vevo app will launch without you needing to visit the app page on the homepage.

"With music streaming doubling in the last year, Vevo will help meet customer’s hunger for music entertainment, increasing the quality and range of music available to TiVo customers," said David Bouchier, chief digital entertainment officer at Virgin Media.