(Pocket-lint) - Virgin announced that Virgin Media Cloud has arrived for TiVo.

The Virgin Media Cloud app for TiVo is now available, and it'll let you browse and display your personal photos and videos and music (stored in the cloud) on the big screen in your living room. Just upload the files to the Virgin Media Cloud from your phone, tablet, or computer, and then you'll be able to access them on your TV through TiVo as well as and manage them with your remote.

"Part of a comprehensive revamp of the Virgin Media Cloud secure online storage service, the new app has been specifically built for the TiVo platform to offer seamless convergence with users devices via the web, and without the need for additional hardware or customer expense," announced Virgin, which also said its new cross-platform app has been built from the ground up.

New versions of Virgin Media Cloud are also available on iOS, Mac, PC, and Android devices, and for the first time, it is also available for Windows Phones users. As part of this update/expansion, Virgin has introduced a feature called Group Space. It's a "shared storage facility" that basically adds a contributor element, in which multiple people can share or augment files among each other.

Other features in the Virgin Media Cloud app include the ability to back up from an unlimited number of devices, arrange your stored files into collections, view your stored music, videos, and pics from any device, and create separate accounts for up to 10 other people in your household.

To view Virgin Media Cloud content on your TiVo box, go to Home, then Apps and Game, and All Apps on the TiVo menu. From there, select the Virgin Media Cloud app from the list, and then enter your Virgin Media Cloud username and password when prompted. And that's it.

Check out Virgin Media Cloud's website for more details. Keep in mind cloud storage space isn't free. The company said, for instance, 50 GB costs£3.99, but there are several other tiers to choose from, including 500GB for £26.99.

Writing by Elyse Betters.