If we'd have received this on 1 April we'd have sworn it was designed to pull the wool over our eyes. However, the Virgin Media Paws TV remote has been devised as the company celebrates National Pet Month.

There's a point to it too, as research found that two thirds of pet owners in the UK claim that their animals watch as much as three hours of TV a day. And with 34 per cent leaving their pets at home while they have to go out, that means the pooch or kitty has nobody to control the TV set for them.

It's all a bit of fun really, but Virgin Media is building trial Paws TV remotes with larger, simplified buttons for pets to control their viewing. It also makes way for a whole set of new puns (other than the "paws" button), including a "fur-vorites" button to access top shows.

The company is also looking to add voice control - well, bark or meow control at least.

Strangely, in the survey Keeping up with the Kardashians was the favourite programme amongst pets. The Only Way is Essex was next.

We'd have thought it was Sex and the Kitty... er... no... hang on...